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Introduction to Shop Tools

The "SHOP TOOLS" section will be a continuously updated section of the SPE Extrusion Division 1-0-Wiki. It is worth repeating that one of the purposes of the SHOP TOOLS section of the 1-0-Wiki and Division Newsletter is to provide information to help you minimize your costs by having the correct tools immediately available to operators and setup personnel.

Searching for tools, while the line is down, is probably one of the most wasteful practices in an extrusion shop. Think about it: does it make sense to have a $400/ hour ($6.70/minute) line down while an operator looks for a $15 broom, a $10 flashlight, or a $50 Allen wrench? Have a place for tools and keep tools in their place.

Much of the information listed here is also available as part of The Plastics Technician's Toolbox® - Extrusion (#0392) Practical Information for Plastics Professionals, 2004 and is available for purchase at http://www.4spe.org/training/products/0392.php.

Please feel free to add to the Wiki or send any suggestions to admin [at] extrusionwiki [dot] com. We encourage you to contribute where appropriate.

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