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Data/Process/Setup Forms

There are a multitude of forms used to setup and maintain a processing line. There are Setup Forms that contain recipes or product codes for each controlled variable on the line. Process Forms typically contain the setpoint from the Setup Form but also any tolerance information for each variable. Data Forms are commonly used to collect on a timed or event basis, the process information for controlled and monitored variables throughout the line. If care is taken during the development of your process data sheet, it can be set up to be filled in as you walk down the control panel. Proper development of these forms is an art form and very worthwhile. Have plenty of clipboards and pens/pencils available.

Many state of the art control systems have integrated forms that are automatically filled in based on a set of predefined circumstances. Whether you write values down manually or collect them automatically, the information the forms provide to "see" into the process is invaluable for both product quality and process control analysis.

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