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SPE Extrusion Division

Welcome to the SPE Extrusion Division 1-0-Wiki - a guide to everything extrusion

Division Scope:

It is the purpose of the Extrusion Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) to advance the technical body of knowledge in the field of plastics extrusion industry as a whole. This will be done by study within the Division, by conducting seminars at all levels of proficiency, by promoting extrusion technical activities at the local levels of the Society, and by publishing plastics extrusion technical information which otherwise might not be disseminated.

Introducing the Wiki:

Living true to our scope, the Extrusion Division of SPE Board of Directors (BOD) is happy to provide a new resource for gathering and searching information as related to the extrusion process and industry. We have chosen a Wiki format that gives everyone an interactive forum to collect and share everything about extrusion. Following the well known KISS principle, we've started the SPE Extrusion Division 1-0-Wiki as a "Keeping It Simple and Straight-forward resource" starting with the "Extrusion 101" basics (hence our 1-0-Wiki name), and then progressing through the vast amounts of information collected by the division since 1972, with the Consultants Corner, Extrusion Hints, Shop Tools, Book Reviews, etc. A large portion of the information listed within our 1-0-Wiki is also available as part of The Plastics Technician's Toolbox® - Extrusion (#0392) Practical Information for Plastics Professionals, 2004 and is available for purchase on our Online Store.

There are two ways to find topics in our 1-0-Wiki: by searching or by browsing. If you know the name of an article or topic you would like to search, simply type it into 1-0-Wiki's search box and press enter. You may also like to look around the 1-0-Wiki by using the left navigation menu.

We will also be offering future sections in Equipment Manufacturers **, Manufacturers **, Materials – Physical Properties **, Buying and Selecting Equipment, Economic Justification **, Extrusion 101 Series, Newsletters, and Troubleshooting.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our 1-0-Wiki Administrator via admin [at] extrusionwiki [dot] com.

Adding Content to the Wiki:

If you would like to contribute to the editing and/or discussions, please create an account using the menu on the left hand side or submit your content to our administrator via admin [at] extrusionwiki [dot] com. Should you have any questions, please email our administrator as well.

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