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Pyrometer - Hand Held

Modified on Friday, 30 January 2015 07:31 PM by mpieler Categorized as Shop Tools

Hand held pyrometer

The hand held pyrometer is an indispensable tool that can be used to verify tool temperature, melt temperature of thermoplastic, and temperatures at many other locations. Various probes are available - needle nose, bunt tip, and washer type that can be used to screw on to a tool for long-term monitoring. Fine wire probes can be used where fast response time is required. Special air temperature probes are useful for ambient oven temperatures.

Long thermocouple wire can be used to take remote readings. We have even attached many thermocouple wires to a rod and placed it inside an oven with the wires running outside with a connector on the outside end of each. By alternately plugging them into the readout, measurements can be made in many areas while the process is running.

Flexible thin metal probes (and other types) are available for measuring roll surface temperatures. Be careful of roll scratching and possible heat generation from the sliding strip.

Be sure to calibrate your probes occasionally by inserting them into boiling water as one simple calibration technique.

A rugged carrying case, with plenty of room for storing probes, is useful to maintain your set. (It will help to indicate when something is missing.)

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