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Basic Extrusion Calculation Software

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Basic Extrusion Calculation Software

Basic extrusion calculation software is now available from SPE for troubleshooting single-screw processes, die operations, and downstream processes. The calculations include rates and pressure profiles for single screw designs (drag and pressure flows), the maximum motor size and gearbox reduction that can be used safely (without breaking a screw) for an application, the melt density for 31 common resins as a function of temperature, the pressure required to flow resin through several common die geometries, and the diameter-length-mass relationship for a roll of film or sheet product. These calculations are quick, require minimal data for operation, and provide the engineer or technician with a great indicator of the performance of their processes.

The CD contains helpful instructions on how to make these calculations and how to interpret the results. Moreover, the CD contains several other helpful features such as a units conversion routine, a listing of the Extrusion Division papers that have been presented at ANTEC from 1956 to 2004, and the popular Extrusion Solutions Help Files. The Extrusion Solutions Help Files are a compilation of over 25 years of helpful hints that have been published by extrusion experts.

Extrusion CD-ROM is available from SPE for $40, and can be ordered directly from SPE at the website listed below: http://www.4spe.org/training/products/0392.php (not available at the moment).

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