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Picat Blown Film Package

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Picat Blown Film Package

Today's business environment has seen the need to be able to train new personnel fast and effectively. There is an interactive software program now available to help you use the computer to accelerate this process for the blown film fabrication process. The PICAT Blown Film Package from British Polymer Training Association simulates the "operation" of a real blown film line. This is a particularly good advantage in that training can be accomplished without using production equipment, or generating scrap product while training people. The software/trainer has capability of assessing the performance and identifying gaps in skills or knowledge of the blown film process. The simulator puts people in real situations requiring adjustments to be made to solve processing problems. This requires an understanding of the process, knowing an approach to be used to solve the problem, and responding to interactions between different process adjustments. The training sessions include exercises in melt processing, bubble blowing, production winding, logical troubleshooting, and comprehensive situations.

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