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The Extruder's Technician

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The Extruder's Technician

The Extruder's Technician, an easy-to use specialized computer software program, is designed as a time saving assistance tool for people involved in the extrusion business. Calculations and conversions are performed instantaneously. Part quote computation can be done with greater accuracy and detail. These quotes can be saved in the database and retrieved for future use. Answers to calculations are automatically placed into the part quote computation. Weights and volumes of extruded parts are calculated in minutes, and the program automatically recalculates a solution when the user changes a variable.

As a reference tool, the software provides comprehensive data including hard to find extrusion data, resin properties, and elaborate electrical, mechanical and hydraulic calculations and data. It also troubleshoots and solves processing problems for film, sheet, profile, wire cable, blow molding, pipe and co extrusion sheet to increase productivity throughout the plant.

Resin, resin properties, and viscosity shear rate data can be added, selected and viewed while performing calculations through the active resin feature. The program also includes a screw library which has important information on depths, lengths and flight clearances for various screw types. Essential tables, charts and technical drawings are brought to life through colorful graphics incorporated into the WindowsTm based program, which can be run on IBM or compatible PCs. Any calculation or data screen can be printed out for reference and retrieval. The Extruder's Technician is designed to be amenable to users at all levels of experience. Demo disk and complete information are available from Spirex Corp., P.O. Box 9130, Youngstown, OH 44513. Ph: (330) 726 4000, Fx (330) 726 9437.

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