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Screw Channel Depths

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Vol. 34 #2, Summer 2009
Screw Channel Depths

Understanding the depths of a screw channel is very important for understanding the performance of a single-screw extrusion process. A sled device for measuring the depth of screw channels, barrier flight undercuts, and mixer flight undercuts is shown in Figure 1. To use this device, the sled is positioned on the top of the screw with the micrometer tip contacting the top of the flight. The micrometer is zeroed at this position. Next the sled is then slid axial on the screw and the micrometer is adjusted until the top of the micrometer probe contacts the root of the screw. A similar procedure can be used to determine the undercut depths for barrier flights or mixer flights.

- Mark A. Spalding, The Dow Chemical Company

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