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What Causes Imperfection in the End Product

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What Causes Imperfection in the End Product
Vol. 34 #2, Summer 2006

Moisture many times is a primary cause of imperfections in the finish product. Let’s first discuss the moisture, most of the time the imperfection is due to the fact that the resin has not been dried properly. Drying of resin is a time/temperature element. Most drying specifications for various resins are at temperatures where the resin will not agglomerate and then held for a given amount to time for which the moisture in the resin will be reduced to a processable level. Defects caused by moisture can typically be identified by the fact that it will move around from part to part. It will never be in the same place. The following chart shows typical drying requirements:

- Timothy Womer, Xaloy, Inc.

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