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Adjustable Melt TC

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Adjustable melt TC
Vol.21 #1, June 1994

Accurate meIt temperature measurement can provide important information for an extrusion line. The problem is that most production lines are not equipped with sensors capable of supplying a meaningful reading that truly is representative of the actual extrudate temperature. Equipment suppliers usually supply a flush or very short protrusion melt thermocouple because they are concerned with durability, but the units are so greatly influenced by conductive heat from the adapter wall that their indicated temperatures are not very useful. An accurate reading must be taken near the center of the melt stream, which requires a much longer adjustable depth thermocouple, which is very prone to damage.

Despite the cost of replacing bent and destroyed sensors, especially until operators become used to the handling requirements, adjustable depth thermocouples are well worth the trouble and expense, providing useful and meaningful data.

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