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Blown Film

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Blown film
Vol. 26 #3, December 1999

Centrifugal Fans - (used for cooling in blown film, trim reclaim, material conveying, etc.) What to do when they suddenly malfunction. Begin your investigation with a search for what has changed.

Was a new motor installed?

1) It may have been wired (3 phase) so that it runs backwards. It will still develop pressure and volume - just not as much. Check the fan rotation!
2) Is it a belt drive system? Did the sheaves get reversed? Is the fan running the speed it should be?
3) Did someone substitute a 3550-rpm motor for a 1750 - or vice versa?
4) Does it have in-line air filtration? Check and see if they are dirty or wet.
5) Has the supply or discharge ducting been changed? Is it longer/shorter? Is it bigger/smaller in diameter?

Attached Equipment Changes
1) Has the equipment its working with changed? Is it now required to do more/less work than before?

Systematic, step-by-step detective work may identify a change.

- Dan Cykana, Bemis Mfg. Co.

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