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Extrusion Feeding

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Extrusion Feeding
Vol. 26 #2, September 1999

A key to successful extrusion is feeding the correct ingredients in the proper amounts. Things to consider include the following:

  • selecting proper feeders, loss-in-weight or volumetric
  • calibrating feeders for the ingredient or load cell weight
  • pre-blending or separating feed ingredients
  • understanding the interaction of hopper fill level and rate accuracy
  • verifying the right ingredients are used and are readily available

Write to the newsletter editor, if you would like an in-depth coverage of any of these subjects in a future newsletter.

- Bill Corcoran, Dupont Co.

See also:
  • Causes of extruder surging
  • Coextruded multilayer distribution
  • Mixing myths
  • Starve feeding
  • Troubleshooting polymer processing operations
  • Twin screw extruders design and operating characteristics

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