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Extruder Order Specifications

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Extruder order specifications
Vol. 26 #2, September 1999

Despite the best intentions of most sales personnel, sometimes the extruder that is ordered does not match what is actually received. The main reason that this occurs is a communication breakdown between sales and engineering.

One method to overcome this communication breakdown is to create an "Extruder Checklist" that closely follows an actual bill of materials. Then, whenever an order is placed, the sales person should meet with the customer, and together they can fill out the Extruder Checklist.

The Extruder Checklist should also have space for optional items, customer contact information, process expectations, and special features. Once completed, the customer can "sign off’ on the Extruder Checklist and have a written copy of what was ordered. Engineering is now provided with a written extruder specification, from the customer, that provides more detail than a normal sales quote. Time invested up front, by the customer, will be time well spent.

- Dave Murdock Davis-Standard Corporation

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