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The June 1983 issue of the Extrusion Division Newsletter contained three consultants’ answers to a reader’s question concerning "Melt Pumps -Pros and Cons". For the first time in over ten years of editing the Consultants’ Corner, we received a letter which questioned the authority of the three consultants to reply to the inquiry.

Two sentences from this letter are important. The writer states, "I have a hard time understanding why the consultants all of whose areas of expertise is in feedscrew design, none of whom are noted for having done work on gear pumps, would be considered a valid source on this topic. Also, to my dismay, they were allowed to make unfounded statements about a product (gear pumps) whose main purpose is to correct problems the feedscrew designers have been unable to solve."

I would like to present an editorial comment concerning the letter writer’s statements.

1. We do not attempt to judge the experience level of any consultant who ventures to answer an inquiry. Of the sixteen consultants asked to reply to the question, only four replied with an article. Several consultants replied with a statement that melt pumps were outside of their area of expertise.

The burden is placed on the consultant to judge his own ability to answer a question. Ultimately, you, the reader, are the final judge as to the quality of a reply.

2. We do not censor an article submitted by a consultant. He is "allowed to make an unfounded statement", if, in fact, his statement is unfounded.

3. We welcome a response to any article published in the Consultants’ Corner. I am sure that any consultant is willing to conduct a dialogue through the newsletter on a high ethical plain.

We, therefore, justify the right of the four consultants who answered the question on melt pumps to answer in any ethical way they see fit. Further, we respect the twelve consultants right to refuse to answer because of a lack of expertise concerning the question. The extrusion industry is fortunate to have such qualified experts as the listed consultants serving its needs.

- Editor, Consultants’ Corner.

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