Make a business of your consulting

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Make a business of your consulting
Vol. 25 #3, December 1998

I am sure that many of us are consultants because we enjoy helping people and because we are experienced in the art of extrusion. Not many of us have brought a business background to our consulting activities.

There is a volunteer organization called the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) that offers counseling and seminars on problems related to the operation of small businesses. The counseling is offered without charge, although the seminars will have a nominal charge. WWW.SCORE.ORG is their web site at their national headquarters which can guide you to a local office or to an email counselor. There is a lot of information available through the site that could help make your consulting a profitable business. Their help on a business plan, choice of business structure, record keeping, etc., is worth considering.

All of the counselors are volunteers and offer their time freely to help small businesses to be more profitable.

- Ken Knox Consultant

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