Pressure Transducer Calibration

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Pressure transducer calibration
Vol. 23 #3, December 1996

Pressure transducers provide important process information for control feedback and operational monitoring. In order for this information to be accurate, however, the transducer must be calibrated. Most panel indicators and controllers have a zero and calibration function that should be incorporated into operator’s check lists and should occur before every start-up with the system fully up to operating temperature. The "calibration", however is only an electronic function that compensates for differences in zero point and resistance from gage to gage and corrects temperature offset. True calibration requires the transducer to be tested on a dead weight or similar pressurization device that calibrates to a known pressure. This must occur off-line on an appropriate apparatus. Alternatively, this could be performed by an outside testing service, and should be done at least annually, and more frequently in high precision applications or as required by ISO-9000 systems.

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