The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories and Things

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Vol. 33 #1, Summer 2006
The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories and Things

(Surendra Verma, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, 223 pp., paper back)

A concise clear historical compilation of 175 scientific principles and discoveries that form the foundation of modern technology. It provides an historical perspective that starts in 500 BC with the Pythagorean theorem. A single page is used for discussion of each of the 175 principles, so the discussion is limited to highlighting the “meat” of each basic principle. The book is arranged in chronological order, and the nation of origin of each principle is given as well as the person to whom it is attributed. Most of the discussion is around the laws of physics, with fewer subjects relating to math and biological sciences.

The historical development of science and engineering is not readily part of typical engineering or scientific curriculum. Therefore, this book should make for very interesting easy reading or browsing for anybody with interest in a scientific or engineering field and provide a sense of how technical knowledge evolved and fits together.

– Stephen J. Derezinski, Ph.D., Extruder Tech, Inc.

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