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Introduction to Extrusion

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Introduction to Extrusion, Vol. 22 #1 May 1995; and Vol. 27 #2 November 2000

by Paul N. Richardson, Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc., Brookfield, CTCopyright 1974 Seventh Printing

Note: The two reviews of Introduction to Extrusion which follow were published in 1995 and 2000, respectively. The 1995 review, as stated in the author and publishing information above, was made after the book’s seventh printing; the 2000 review is of the eighth printing. From the May, 1995 Newsletter:

Paul Richardson's book still presents the basics of extrusion as clearly today as it did when first printed twenty years ago. The style and concepts are geared toward someone new to the continuous extrusion industry, and taught using a little theory and a lot of practical knowledge.

Keeping this in mind, I gave copies of this book to individuals brand new to extrusion for their input. They found the material easy enough to pick up in the first reading Richardson provides enough calculations and philosophy to clarify points without getting bogged down. The book also taught the language of extrusion well, building from simple pieces (screws, extruders) to more complex extrusion processes.

From a content standpoint, the practical knowledge contained in the book gives essential information on safety and operation of extrusion machinery. Much advice on proper start up, operation, and shutdown procedures provide the education needed by a first time operator without building in any prejudices.

Aside from a large number of typos for such a mature book, the only complaint was that more recent advances were not covered. An updated version, describing new resins, technologies, and computer controls, would be even more relevant and helpful today.

- Dave Smith

From the November, 2000 Newsletter:

Introduction to Extrusion is now in its eighth printing and continues to be an outstanding guide to help both the neophyte in extrusion, as well as an intermediate in extrusion.

The book describes various portions of the extrusion complex succinctly complete with the extruder, downstream and ancillary equipment, along with resin properties. It points out numerous extrusion processes, such as extrusion compounding, pipe and tubing, blow and cast film, sheet , rod, wire coating, and monofilament extrusion.

It is a very practical guide, giving the technician a good overview of each process, as well as a quality explanation of operating and safety procedures. The "handbook size" (5" X 8") makes a good fit in any setup technician’s toolbox! At $5 for the paperback book, this is a great buy and well worth having.

- Daniel Cykana, Bemis Mfg. Co.
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