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Engineering Polymer Sourcebook

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Engineering Polymer Sourcebook, Vol. 22 #3 Dec. 1995

by Raymond B. Seymour published by McGraw Hill Publishing Co.

This book is an excellent reference for the process and/or design engineer, who is working with engineering polymers. The first chapter gives a history of various engineering polymers and followed by several chapters on more specifics of the various engineering polymers. The book is a comprehensive data source for all types of engineering polymers. In its chapters are loads of information needed to select materials for product design and fabrication. With an emphasis on properties, this guide compiles complete data for eight primary families of engineer in polymers. This book includes ther moplastics, thermosets and composites. For each group of polymers the user of this book will find data for each of the dozens of specific plastics, tables of properties and property structures rela tionships and fabrication techniques. Trade names, estimated costs and end uses can also be found.

This book also includes practical ad vise for the use of these substances and thorough discussions of polymeric behavior on the molecular scale. A never extensive glossary is at the end of each chapter for easy referral and there is a complete chapter that serves as a handy summary of the engineering and design data.

The advancement of polymers as materials of construction has been depen dent, to a large extent, on the synthesis and modification of many different high performance polymers which have been described in many outstanding books on this subject. However, since many de sign engineers have not been trained in the field of polymer science and tech nology, their attempts to choose and use polymers are hampered by the absence of engineering oriented polymer science reference books. Professor Seymour has helped fill this void by authoring this Engineering Polymer Sourcebook. This book is a must for any plastic reference library.

- Timothy W. Womer
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