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Design Formulas for Plastics Engineers

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Design Formulas for Plastics Engineers, Vol. 23 #3, Dec. 1996

by Natti S. Rao, Published by Hanser, 1991, Munich, Vienna, New York

"The plastics engineer often has to deal with different fields of engineering. The search for the appropriate equations in the various fields concerned can be time consuming. A collection of formulas from the relevant fields, as given in this book, makes it easier to write one's own program, or to make changes in an existing program, in order to obtain a better fit with the experiments."

This book contains 132 pages of some of the most important formulas in the plastic industry today, and is an excellent reference book for any plastic design engineer. The author has divided the book into six primary chapters: Formulas for Rheology, Thermodynamic Properties of Polymers, Formulas of Heat Transfer, Designing Plastics Parts and Formulas for Designing Extrusion, and Injection Molding Equipment. Each chapter covers specific areas of the plasticating process along with several example problems that have been worked through. All of the variables have been nomenclated very well and the units have all been shown in metric. The formulas given throughout this book can be used to develop useful models for designing plasticating equipment.

This author has collected work done by well known persons in the industry, such as Bernhardt Klein, Tadmor, Squires, McKelvey, Menges, Potente, plus many others, and presented the information in a manner that is useful and easily accessible.

- T. Womer
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